Cheers and Songs

Blum Cheers

Go Blum!

Zesmer, Kravitz, Weinstein, Wadel
Shepps, Sablosky can’t compare
to Sally Blum.
‘Cause we’re the best,
We’re so much better than the rest –
We’ve got the girls,
We’ve got the pep
So make your way to Blum.
Sally Blum – What kind of girls in Blum
Fat girls, skinny girls, Girls that plug for Nom,
Tough girls, sissy girls, all the girls have lots of charm in Blum.
Sally Blum – Our chapter’s number 1-9-2-4
All the way and even more –
We are foxy, we are sly –
We’re the best, you can’t deny
We are cunning, we are keen,
We’re the best you’ve ever seen!


Big Bad Blum

We’re big B-I-G
and we’re bad B-A-D
And we’re Blum B-L-U-M, B-L-U-M, Blum


S-A-L-L-Y, That is why we’re foxy fine

B-L-U-M, Sally Blum is number one

F-O-X-Y, We’re the one’s that aren’t shy

1-9-2-4, come on Foxes give us more!


We love you ____________,
Oh yes we do!
We love you ___________ ,
And we’ll be true!
When you’re not with us,
Oh, _________ , we love you!

B, B-L

B, B-L
B-L-U-M, Blum
We’ve got Spirit,
Whoo – Foxy spirit
Say it, Say it, Say it
B-L-U-M, Blum
We’ve got Spirit,
Whoo – Foxy spirit


Blum Foxes

We are
We are
Blum foxes
Blum foxes

Everybody knows that we are the best
And we’re gonna put you to the test
So fasten your seat belt
Step on the gas
We’re gonna kick you in the … Everybody

We are
We are
Blum foxes
Blum foxes

We are
We are
Blum foxes
Blum foxes

With ____ as our prexy
And ____ as our beau
We’re the best
And we want you to know
That the orange and yellow
Are Number One
We know just how to have fun.

We are
We are
Blum foxes
Blum foxes

We are
We are
Blum foxes
Blum foxes

NTO Cheers

NT-O’s our region
We’re the best damn region of them all
We’ve got so much spirit
NTO will never fall.
So now, to Lonestar we say good night
Sorry, but you’ll never have our might,
North Texas - Oklahoma
We’ll pass you all up
We’ll pass you all up
We’ll leave you far behind.
Fight Song

North Texas Oklahoma NTO’s the best
Hell yeah, listen now we’re better than the rest
Our mascot is the penguin, Our colors red and gray
You can go to hell ‘cuz this is what we say …
N-T-O (clap 3 times) Go, Go, Go
We’re the best so screw the rest!

BBG Songs

We Pledge to Thee
We pledge to thee, oh BBG
Our love, our youth, our loyalty
We sing to thee with joyous sounds
Our voices reach the sky
From Zion came the white and blue,
To give these colors bold and true
Our loyal daughters gather round
To raise our flag on high
We pledge to thee, oh BBG
For fifty years of unity
With this our golden sisterhood
We are destined to reach the sky.


Sisterhood Beat
BBG is the order that can’t be beat!
So come on everybody
Do the sisterhood beat!
2-1-1-3-1-2 9 (claps)

Schnooking is the pastime in which we do perform
The general art of making out in order to keep warm
Schnooking in the parlor, schnooking in the park
That’s what AZA teaches – is schnooking in the dark
Now gather ‘round me girlies – and listen to my plea
Never trust an AZA an inch above the knee
I know a girl who did once – and so much did she pay
That son-of-a-gun – he left her with a son of an AZA
That little AZA boy – he did grow up one day
And met a BBG girl in the same old-fashioned way
That little BBG girl – she did not hear my plea
And now they have between them – another BBG!

B'nai B'rith Girls

B’nai B’rith Girls
We’re standing tall, we’re one for all
B’nai B’rith Girls
We’re here to stay, we’ll pave the way for all of Jewish youth
B’nai B’rith Girls
We’re standing here as one, Hey!
B’nai B’rith Girls
For sisterhood and fun, Hey!
For love and laughter, friends that last
Times so good they go so fast
We stand and sing with all our might
B’nai B’rith Girls
Our future’s so bright, Soooooo
B’nai B’rith Girls
We’re standing here as one, Hey!
B’nai B’rith Girls
For sisterhood and fun, Hey!
Together as one, forever united
B’nai B’rith Girls (three times)

Song to the Beau
Eyes shining bright, understanding and true,
A pure golden heart with kindness a new.
A hand there to help us throughout the year,
A smile there to greet us with friendship and cheer.
Hold high this honor we place upon you.
Oh perfect symbol of gentleman true.
Above all the rest its you we proclaim
To stand on a pedestal in our hall of fame.
Example to us of a truly great guy, you are the pride of BBG’s eyes.
With deepest devotion, we sing unto thee,
Oh ________ our Beau of our BBG.


BBG Heartbeat
It's not just the pin and the way you wear it
But the love you recieve and the way you share it
It's not just the screams and the cheers
But the memories of much laughter and tears
It's not just a feeling you get when someone says "hi"
But the heaviness in your heart when you have to say goodbye
It's not just how many calls and letters you read
But the friend who sent them, which we all need
It's not just an organization which is a place to me
But so much more, just you wait and see
No, it's not just an interesting little pin
But the heart behind it, and the body within.







What is the value of one member?
Ten little members standing in a line.
The President wasn't nice to one, then there were nine.
Nine ambitious members offered to work late.
One forgot a promise, then there were eight.
Eight creative members had ideas as good as heaven.
One lost enthusiasm, then there were seven.
Seven loyal members got into a fix.
They quarrelled over programs, and then there were six.
Six members remained with spirit and drive.
One moved away and than there were five.
Five steadfast members wished there were more.
One became indifferent, then there were four.
Four cheerful members who never disagree--
'til one complained of meetings, then there were three.
Three eager members! What do they do?
One got discouraged, then there were two.
Two lonely members; our rhyme is nearly done.
One joined another group, then there was one.

One faithful member was feeling rather blue--
met with a schoolmate, and then there were two.
Two earnest members each enrolled one more--
doubling their number, and then there were four.
Four determined members just couldn't wait--
'til each signed up another, and then there were eight!
Eight excited members signed up 16 more.
In another six verses, there'll be a thousand twenty-four!!!